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Customized High-end Couplings

Industrial Couplings Manufacturer

Rokee® has been established in China for more than 22 years. Since our establishment, we have been working consistently to implement our business philosophy of innovation and service to serve many partners in China and around the world. With strong pursuit for quality and innovation, we have developed rapidly and become a well-known high-quality supplier of Industrial Couplings and technical services in China.

Over the years, with excellent quality, we have been continuously providing many coupling products of various categories and uses complying with multiple standards and a full range of services, from the product selection to final installation and operation, for the industry fields of ferrous metallurgy, nuclear power, gas turbine, wind power, ropeway construction, lifting transportation, general equipment, etc. We strictly comply with quality system requirements and implement the whole process control to become a reliable and trustworthy partner of customers.

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Add: ZhenJiang High Tech Zone,China